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A New Way to Open Your Bottle of Wine

Compressed Air Technology

Unlike current electric corkscrews that are unreliable and slow, the Bocavin Opener is simple, easy and super fast.

Just insert the needle into the cork, press and hold the single button, and your cork pops right out of the bottle in under 3 seconds.

Easy as 1-2-3...

Step 1 - Insert the Needle

Insert the needle into the cork and push down until it bottoms and can't go any further.

Step 2 - Press and Hold the Button

As soon as you press and hold the button, compressed air is safely pumped through the needle and into the bottle.  The cork effortlessly pops out of the bottle.

Step 3- Slide the cork off the needle

Use the Slider to force the cork off the needle.

Rechargeable Battery

Open over 30 bottles of wine on a single charge.  Charger included.

Simple single button operation

Just insert the needle through the cork and press and hold the button.

Unique Design

Unique design and burgundy color sets the Bocavin opener apart from all other openers.

So Easy - Watch the Bottle Opener in Action

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