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The ​World's First and Only Electric Pour Wine Aerator

Hurry - On Sale Now

Open a Bottle of Wine in3 seconds!Patent Pending Technology

Hurry - On Sale Now

Watch the Bocavin Aerator
In Slow Motion
Millions of Tiny Bubbles Instantly Aerates Your Wine to Perfection

As you tip the bottle to pour your wine, an impeller spins at over 4000 rpm to aerate the wine as it pours out of the bottle.

Bocavin Electric Wine Aerator
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Set up is a snap - Just insert the Bocavin into your wine bottle.
Clean Up is a snap - Just rinse the Bocavin off in the sink.

Instant Wine Perfection

Aerator Features

  • It aerates your wine as you pour.

  • One AAA Battery (included) aerates over 20 bottles of wine

  • Quick & Easy to Use

  • Better tasting red and white wines

  • No button - just tilt the bottle to start aerating your wine

  • Easy cleanup - just rinse under water and dry off

  • Fits most bottles of wine

  • Patented Technology

  • 8x the aeration of standard pour aerators

  • Instant aeration - don't wait for your wine to reach peak flavor

The Bocavin Wine Bottle Opener 
Use compressed air to remove the cork in under 3 seconds.


Opener Features

  • Uses compressed air to quickly force the cork out of the bottle.

  • Rechargeable battery opens 20-30  bottles of wine on a single charge.

  • Quick & Easy to Use

  • Battery charger included

  • Single button operation

  • Works on both cork and rubber/plastic stoppers

  • No damage to the cork, reuse the cork to seal your bottle

  • Patented Technology

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