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A New Way to Pour

The Bocavin Wine Aerator aerates your wine as you pour your wine into the glass using a electrically powered aeration impeller that provides up to 8x the aeration of all other pour aerators.

Tip & Pour

No more waiting for your wine to open up and reach peak flavor - enjoy your wine immediately.

Ditch the Decanter

Why wait an hour for the decanter to aerate your wine?  With the Bocavin Wine Aerator, you get instant aeration.

Unique Design

A single AAA battery will aerate 20-30 bottles of wine.

Positive Reviews

Wine lovers can't believe the difference the Bocavin aerator makes in the taste of their wine.  The Gadgeteer website gave it a very positive review.

Drinking Wine Should be Fun

Who has the time for an old-fashioned decanter to aerate their wine?  Why wait for the fun to start when you can instantly aerate your wine and drink the best version of your wine.

One AAA Battery

Just one AAA battery can aerate up to 30 bottles of wine.  Other electric aerators use 6-8 AA batteries.


8x Aeration

The aeration impeller spins at over 4000 rpm to expose the wine to air as it pours from the bottle.  Millions of tiny bubbles increase the efficiency of the aeration and your wine reaches peak flavor quicker.

Easy to Use
Easy to Clean

No straws to insert, just slip the Bocavin aerator into the bottle and start pouring.  To clean the aerator, just rinse under warm water and place back in its stand.

Dare to Compare - up to 8x the aeration of other aerators...

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                    Aervana                 vs                        Bocavin

So Easy - Watch the Aerator in Action

Slow Motion Aeration

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